I don't really know what to write here.
I like clouds, large t-shirts and girls.
In love with too many people, kind of awkward and too obssessive,
lonely most of the time, so i'm here if you want to talk
buttahbenzo & hannily
pll - 1d - 5h - coldplay - ptv - ts - jb - dl
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    Fave Harry gifs #15: watching him sing makes me sick in a good way 

  • @Harry_Styles: be nice to nice

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  • xgalaxymikeyx:

    If I were an interviewer I’d literally be fucking scared to interview Louis Tomlinson cause he’s such a sassy fuck like he’d probably sass the fuck out of me and use his sarcasm to bring my confidence down. Fuck your sass Louis.

  • fifthburgers:

    Wear converse if you’re gay

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  • Camren playing with Normani’s Dog

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  • @AllyBrooke: I would love to live in Disney world

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